About Me

My name is Danny Zhang, and I am a junior at Rice University studying Computer Science and Mathematics.

I’m interested in mobile development and backend development, especially as it pertains to user-facing products. I was an iOS Engineer Intern at Expedia Group and will be a Software Engineer Intern at Datadog this coming summer.

Research Interests

I’ve always been interested in the impact that computer science can have on medical and healthcare applications, and I have pursued bioinformatics research and software development opportunities over the past couple of years to that end. I researched at MD Anderson Cancer Center under the guidance of Dr. Cassian Yee, studying the impact that T-Cells can have on acute myeloid leukemia cells.

At Northwestern University, under the guidance of Dr. Richard Green, I utilized R to analyze liver datasets from the NCBI, finding significant differential gene expression in a variety of hepatic datasets. I co-authored and visualized significant differential pathway analyses in 2 papers in PLOS ONE and Journal of Lipid Research.

Now, I hope to delve into AI/ML, specifically in the realm of medical imaging at Rice University.

Outside of the Classroom

  • 🏀 Basketball: Die-hard Rockets fan and an avid watcher of Jalen Green.
  • 🎵 K-dramas/K-pop: A recent favorite is Our Beloved Summer!
  • 🎲 Board Games: Gloomhaven is one that I have been playing recently.
  • 📸 Photography: Not the best right now, but looking forward to improving!